Production and Publishing

Funtomic develops and publishes games for mobile and tablet devices. We strive to create unique and engaging gaming experiences.

Kiziland is an endless clicker game: click and drag two same Kizis and help them evolve into a unique and powerful creature. Gain stars and collect coins to boost your progress. Explore the endless Kizi land, ocean and space planets.

Release Date: July, 2015

A laid back puzzle game that's going to put a smile on your face while you scratch your head. Yeah, at the same time. Who said you're not a good multi tasker?

Release Date: September, 2013

Chicken Boy is a fast paced action-arcade game that puts you in the shoes of the ever vigilant super hero the world's been waiting for. Fend off waves of enemies across space and time, upgrade your arsenal of fruity weapons and save your chicks from meeting an unfortunate fate.

Release Date: November, 2013

Discover mysterious planets, defeat your enemies, and be a HERO! Find out who stole Kizi’s special spaceship and search for hidden spaceship parts. Learn new skills, upgrade your Kizi character, complete many challenging levels, and win amazing trophies!

Release Date: May, 2014